BADA Bridge


Cryptocurrency Project

  • First project to unite two markets.
  • Cryptocurrencies and Forex.
  • Passive income generation.
  • Locked dev wallets for 1 year.

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About the BADA Bridge

BADA Bridge is a decentralized token in the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) standard, our investors rely on stake, automatic yield proportional to the invested capital.

We offer multiple and parallel investments, with yields in both the cryptocurrency and Forex markets, for BADA Bridge investors.


Price and value fluctuations are influenced by different factors. The cryptocurrency market in terms of volume is much smaller than the Forex market, which is over $5 trillion daily.


The Bada Bridge project relies on an anti-bot system to prevent crypto bots/bots from buying and selling the token at launch. With that, no one could buy the Bada Bridge token in the break after the Devs added the liquidity and before the launch. Not even the Devs could do that.


By combining investments, we make the most of the profit potential of these markets, and at the same time, we reduce the possibility of losses when the market “comes against”.



It is made from a percentage of fees (tokenomics) that are charged in all BADA Bridge token purchase, sale and transfer operations between wallets.

There is no investment bridge with investors' portfolios or money.


Passive income


Through the two investment pools, both with deposits at BADA Bridge:

1st pool
It has yield in Bada Bridge,
which will be powered by the supply.

2nd Pool
It has BUSD income, which will be fed with Bada Umbrella (Forex) income.

Investors can invest in Bada Umbrella through deposits in this investment pool, the amounts deposited in this pool are not sent or used on Forex, they will be used for the calculation of returns/stake.

Over the


Monthly, 80% of the proceeds from Umbrella Coins will be sent to Bada Bridge, for the remuneration/stake of the Bada Umbrella investment pool and remuneration of the Devs.

  • Withdrawals

Payment of earnings from Bada Umbrella is returned to Bada Bridge through a BUSD withdrawal request at the BRK Forex broker.

  • Deadlines

Currently, the payment deadline is 48 hours after the withdrawal request is made.

The remaining 20% will remain in the Bada Bridge account at Umbrella Coins, to leverage compound interest income.

Longer-term holders will benefit the most from the geometric progression effect of compound interest earnings. The greater the value and term of investment, the greater the potential profits generated.



Forex is a global and decentralized market, where more than $5 trillion is traded daily on the currency exchange. FX works 24x5, starting Sunday 7pm and closing Friday 7pm (depending on daylight saving time in Brazil and abroad).


All In Markets

AIM has more than 5 years of experience and success in training, free courses, YouTube channel, Forex investments. AIM, through Daniel Itzicovitch, is the Brazilian group that currently has the most accounts in MQL5


Devs' wallets
locked for 1 year

In the Bada Bridge project, Devs will have their wallets locked for 1 year. With this, Bada Bridge investors will not have that traditional worry… when will the Devs “spawn their portfolios”.

Currently, many cryptocurrency projects create wallets for Devs to sell their tokens shortly after launch. Bada Bridge Devs will not count on their wallets for at least 1 year.



Bada Bridge innovates in the cryptocurrency market also in tokenomics.

The Devs will be remunerated through percentages of the project's income.

Supply: 55,000,000 tokens
Burn: the token is not deflationary so there is no burn

55.000.000 TOKENS

Bada Treasure: 22,000,000

  • The Bada treasury is intended to fund listings in brokerages, stake Bada and other emergency costs; 
  • 80% locked for 3 months (the lock being renewed if there is no use); 20% locked for 1 month; 
  • 12% fee on all purchase, sale or transfer transactions between portfolios;8% Bada Umbrella (Forex);
  • 4% BUSD expenses for day-to-day expenses remain in the portfolio;

Bada Umbrella

  • Receives 8% of the expense portfolio
  • Returns 80% of Umbrella Coins earnings
  • 5% for Devs
  • 75% for investment pool stake
  • 20% stay on Forex to maximize gains

Check out our


Phase 1 - Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

• Creation of the brand, website, community Bada Bridge
• Launch of the Bada Bridge token
• Start of Bada Umbrella's Forex operations
• Start of marketing campaigns

Phase 2 – Q1 2022

• Dividend distribution through Bada Umbrella (staking BUSD)
• Dividend distribution through Bada Bridge (BADA staking)
• Audit of the Bada Bridge token contract
• Locked stake mode for greater return
• CMC and Coingecko listings
• PancakeSwap and Trust Wallet logo

Phase 3 – Q2 2022

• Audit of investment pools
• New staking pool for those who provide liquidity for the BNB-BADA project
• Listing on Tier 2 brokers

Phase 4

• DAO - decentralized autonomous organization o Change of fees o Addition or removal of pools o Proposals for new DeFi modalities for projects
• Listing on Tier 1 brokers